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Since the first CTR examination offered by NCRA in 1983, over 6,000 people have attained the CTR.


Certification promotes excellence in the Cancer Registry field by:

  • Establishing a standard of knowledge and experience required for professional registry practice;

  • Measuring the requisite knowledge of applicants for the professional credential of CTR, Certified Tumor Registrar;

  • Promoting professional growth and individual study by cancer registrars for the attainment and maintenance of the CTR credential;

  • Formally recognizing those colleagues who meet all the requirements for using the CTR credential;

  • Assisting employers, members of allied health professions, and the public in the assessment of cancer registrars.


  • Earned by successfully completing the CTR examination with a passing score.

  • Maintained through the accumulation of twenty continuing education hours every two years.

  • Recommended or required credential for many employment opportunities.

  • Required staff credential for American College of Surgeons (ACoS) approved cancer programs.

  • Required credential for reporting to some state central registries.


Since the first CTR examination offered by NCRA in 1983, over 6,000 individuals have attained the CTR. Today, there are over 5,000 current CTRs.

The Certification Examination Committee members who initially wrote the CTR Exam but could not sit for the Exam until several years later deserve our sincere admiration. As a result of their work, in 1983, the first CTR Exam was successfully administered and 621 candidates were awarded the CTR!

Thank you to: Barbara Lee Peace, Judilynn Austin, B. Jean Cicero, Rosemarie Clive, Rosemary Dibble, Joyce Kane, Kathleen McKeen, Constance Perry, Vida Peterson, Jennifer Seiffert, Evelyn Shambaugh, Virginia Sieburg, Loisetta N. Williams, and Mildred Weiss.

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